15 Amazing Facts of Earth which you need to know

15 Amazing Facts About Earth.

Today in this article we have shared some Interesting and amazing facts about earth. which are really amazing.


Here is 15 Amazing Facts About Earth

1. The first photo of earth from space was taken on 1946
2. The farthest photo of earth was took by Voyager 1, which is about 5 billion kilometers far from Earth.(You can see below).
3. Earth’s rotation is not exactly 24 hours. It’s actually takes 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds.
4. Tardigrades can live 10 days in space. tardigrades also known as Water Bear.
6. In 2007 we sent two tardigrades into space. after 10 days they’ve been brought back alive to earth.
7. The Cost International Space Station is about $150 billion. this is most expensive object ever constructed.’
8. The Earth is 4.54 billion year old.
9. Earth’s moon is bigger than Pluto.
10. Canada has more lakes than whole world has. Canada has about 2 million lakes.
11. Antarctica has 90% ice of the world and 70% water.
12. All Earth’s water can fit in 860 miles (1384.04 km) sphere. 
13. Up to 1 million species lives in Ocean.
14. Our Earth’s core is as hot as surface of the sun ( The temperature of Earth core is 6,000 °C)
15. There is huge 4000 meters underground river below the Amazon.
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